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学术报告第162场 Prof.Jiayin Yuan的学术报告
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报告题目:Poly(ionic liquid) as innovative polyelectrolytes for energy and environmental application

报 告 人: Prof. Jiayin Yuan (袁家寅)    Stockholm University, Sweden


报告时间:2019年08月08日 上午9:30(星期四)

Poly(ionic liquid) as innovative polyelectrolytes for energy and environmental application

Jiayin Yuan

Department of Material and Environmental Chemistry (MMK), Svante Arrheniusv?g 16 C

106 91 Stockholm, Sweden (Email:

Poly(ionic liquid)s (PILs), also called polymerized ionic liquids, refer to a subclass of ionic

polymers that are prepared from polymerization of ionic liquids. In such structure configuration,

some unique properties of ILs are incorporated into the macromolecular architecture. This in turn

expands the property/function window of ionic liquids and traditional polyelectrolytes. Though

PILs initially appeared in the IL community to play a merely complementary role towards ILs, the

rapid advances in PIL research in the past several years have created a toolbox of innovative and

versatile polyelectrolytes, which are of fundamental research importance to polymer community

and meanwhile provide material choices and solutions in many other fields. This lecture will

highlight energy applications of PILs in diverse forms, for example, precursors for energy carbons

and sensors for chemicals.In addition, the lecture will also highlight the application of PILs in

the porous membrane field.

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